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James Hoffman, England
Tim Wendelboe, Norway
Dale Harris, England
Igor Jagodic, Slovenia
Mojmir Šiftar, Slovenia
Tomaž Bratovž, Slovenia

Specialty coffee & haute cuisine

We are excited to announce one of the most anticipated events at
this year’s Ljubljana Coffee Festival – the Panel Forum on Specialty
Coffee & Haute Cuisine.

This forum is of paramount importance for the future of building a
robust coffee culture in Slovenia. It will focus on the integration of
specialty coffee into high-end cuisine and top-tier restaurants,
marking a significant milestone for our growing community.

Slovenia is currently experiencing a dynamic shift with the rising prominence of specialty coffee. As a result, a vibrant community

that values and enjoys high-quality coffee is taking shape.
The panel discussion we have curated promises to be a highlight of
the festival, featuring some of the most influential international
experts in the realm of specialty coffee.

We are honored to host luminaries such as:

  • James Hoffmann, World Barista Champion
  • Tim Wendelboe, World Barista Champion
  • Dale Harris, World Barista Champion
  • Tomaž Bratovž (head chef JB restaurant)
  • Igor Jagodic (head chef of the Michelin-star restaurant Strelec)
  • Mojmir Šiftar (head chef restaurant PEN KLUB).

The objective of this forum is to stimulate a thoughtful discussion on
the trends, challenges, and opportunities that specialty coffee
brings to high-end restaurants.

The conversation will be moderated by BARISTA MAGAZIN jurnalist
Valisileia Fanarioti by the following key questions and topics:

  • Trends in Incorporating Specialty Coffee into Fine Dining: How
    are leading restaurants worldwide and locally adapting to new
    trends with specialty coffee?
  • Challenges in Incorporating Specialty Coffee: What are the
    most significant challenges in integrating specialty coffee into
    restaurants that already uphold established standards?
  • Opportunities for Enhancing Coffee Offerings: How can
    restaurants improve their offerings and adapt them to the
    seasonality and freshness of specialty coffee?
  • Exchange of Ideas and Knowledge: Sharing ideas, practices, and
    innovations to elevate standards and further develop coffee and culinary culture in Slovenia.

We invite all coffee enthusiasts, professionals, and those interested
in the evolution of fine dining to join us for this insightful and
inspiring panel discussion.

Let us come together to explore and celebrate the intersection of
specialty coffee and haute cuisine, and to foster a richer coffee
culture in Slovenia.

Location: The Lab, Ljubljana Coffee Festival
Date & time: 21st September, 18:00 – 19:00

The number of tickets is limited. Secure your spot by purchasing your ticket here.

REMINDER: To view this panel forum, an additional payment is required by purchasing a special ticket, which is only valid if you have also purchased a one day (Saturday) or two day ticket for the festival.

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